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Charles de Batz de Castelmore is d'Artagnan

D'Artagnan is without any doubt the most famous Musketeer. He was born as 'Charles de Batz de Castelmore' in 1611 in the little village of Lupiac in the Gers (Gascony) in Southwest France.

He probably came to his fame from the novel 'The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas published in 1844. This historical novel is largely based on true stories and tells the tale of the adventures of the three musketeers Aramis, Athos and Porthos, together with a fourth musketeer called d'Artagnan.

Their motto in the battle for King Louis XIII against Cardinal Richelieu and the Count of Rochefort is certainly familiar to anyone: "One for all, all for one!"

Statue of the four Musketeers in the Condom village center...

Fighting for the French King

Statue of d´Artagnan on the monumental staircase in Auch...In real life, Charles de Batz inherited the title 'Count of Artagnan' (in French: Compte d'Artagnan) and enlisted in the Musketeers of the Guard where his star was quickly rising. He executed some very delicate assignments for the French King Louis XIV.

While in service of Louis XIV during the war against the Republic of the Netherlands, d'Artagnan was killed at the age of 62 at the attack of Maastricht. There is speculationthat d'Artagnan may possibly be buried in the cemetery of the St. Peter and Paul church in Wolder.

Feel the spirit of d'Artagnan

Here in the Gers (Gascony) is d'Artagnan still one of the most important and heroic historical personalities. There is a statue of d'Artagnan on the majestic staircase in Auch, the capitol of the Gers. But there is also a bronze statue of the four Musketeers in front of the cathedral right in the heart of the village of Condom.

Local festival in Lupiac celebrating d'Artagnan...

D'Artagnan museum in Lupiac

And in Lupiac where d'Artagnan was born, there is a small museum entirely dedicated to d'Artagnan as well as an annual local festival celebrating the musketeers. During this local festival Lupiac is breathing the 17th century spirit of d'Artagnan with shows of a group of 'real' Musketeers, old crafts and numerous presentations.

Come on holiday here in the Gers and follow in the footsteps of d'Artagnan and feel the spirit of the brave and heroic Musketeers. And a stay at Camping La Brouquere might be a great opportunity to read the novel 'The Three Musketeers' once more...

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