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Camping La Brouquere - Gondrin - Gers - France

Itinerary and Travel Directions
The last mile to Camping La Brouquere

Here you will find a detailed map showing the access roads to Camping La Brouquere. This small Adult-Only campsite (camping à la ferme) is situated about 3km southeast of the village of Gondrin in the Gers (Southwest France) right in the middle of the Armagnac vineyards.

GPS navigation coordinates

These are the GPS navigation coordinates of the campsite in different formats.

Format: Decimal Degrees and minutes Degrees, minutes and seconds
North: lat = 43.86936 43° 52.162min 43° 52min 9.696sec
East: lon = 0.25844 0° 15.506min 0° 15min 30.384sec

The last few miles to Camping La Brouquere: Google Map


From Mouchan via Gondrin to Camping La Brouquere

Coming from Mouchan, enter the village of Gondrin and follow the main street through the village centre.

  • At the end of the village turn left onto the D113, direction Courrensan and Vic-Fezensac.
  • After 300m follow the left curve following the D113.
  • After leaving Gondrin, turn left on the first small road, direction 'Ferme du Cassou'.
  • Follow this road for 900m and turn right on the next small crossroad'.
  • Turn left after 150m onto the access road to the campsite.
  • Follow this small but flat country path for 600m to arrive at La Brouquere.

Alternative access road (coming from the east)

There is also an alternative access road coming from the east via the D35. This access road is not very well suited for long caravans or campers. But if you want to try this, follow the D35 up to a small road crossing showing a sign to ´Domaine Polignac´. Turn west (i.e. the opposite direction from Polignac) and follow the directions as seen from the map above.

Attention: Car Navigation Systems and the 'quickest' route...

Traveling to your favorite camping holiday destination in the Gers in France is easy enough, although you may want to pay special attention to your car navigation system during the last miles of your drive.

After leaving the main highway, several car navigation systems (e.g. TomTom, Garmin and others) suggest the presumably quickest way to the campsite. Such travel directions often take you over small and narrow country roads which are not well suited for the bigger caravans and camping cars.

Tip: follow the travel directions presented on this page to avoid stress and confusion while driving the last miles to Camping La Brouquere here in the south west of France.

Camping La Brouquere
Rural Campsite France
Gondrin - Gers - Occitanie

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