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Camping La Brouquere - Gondrin - Gers - France

Tourism and Sightseeing in the Gers, Gascony

The very thinly populated Département Gers is situated in the South-West of France between Dordogne and Pyrenees and between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediteranean Sea.

The Gers originates from the French Revolution when in 1790 the province Gascony was subdivided. The Gers is now part of the region Midi-Pyrénées. There is hardly any industry in this departement but you will find an almost untouched landscape with a magnificent scenery of sloping hills and valleys with magnificent views as far as the Pyrenees.

The climate in the Gers is especially in the summer great for camping: lots of sunshine, not much wind and only occasionally some rain.

D'Artagnan: the most famous musketeer born in the Gers...The department Gers is still very much authentic, unspoiled and hardly known by tourists. But in this part of France there are great hiking and cycling tracks through promising vineyards (Armagnac, Côtes de Gascogne), golden wheat fields and seas of magnificent sunflowers. There are a lot of tourist attractions such as visits to medieval castles, abbeys, cathedrals and fortified villages where still the presence of d'Artagnan the Musketeer lingers.

Famous (at least with the French) is the Gascony region for its culture of wining and dining and all sorts of events and music festivals such as the annual jazz festival in Marciac.

Sightseeing and tourist attractions in the Gers

Information about sightseeing and tourism in the Gers (Gascony) is divided here into several different categories. Click on one of the links below to learn more about these tourist attractions around Campsite La Brouquere:

Endless sunflower fields...

Le Passeport Privilège

Tourism in the Gers is strongly being stimulated. For example, tourists can benefit from several discounts proposed in an informative tourist discount booklet called 'Le Passeport Privilège'.

Also, mass tourism is unknown in this traditional part of France, meaning that long waiting queues are practically nonexisting. Thus, a perfect camping holiday destination!

Special activities

In the Gers/Gascony you will find a wide choice of sightseeing attractions. A little bit further away from the campsite there are even more interesting and impressive attractions worth a daytrip visit:

More information about the Airbus A380....Airbus A380 - Transport and guided tours
The A380 is the biggest Airbus airplane with really gigantic proportions. There are frequent huge transports from Bordeaux to Toulouse and you can visit the Airbus assembly factory at the airport in Toulouse and take a fascinating tour to see this with your own eyes.
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Driving quads and buggys around Auch...Driving a Quad or Buggy in Auch
Fancy a drive around the countryside on a quad or in a buggy? Quad Concept is organising such trips in the area around Auch (Bois Loubéjan, 5km north of Auch).
Check their website: www.quadconcept.com. Tel:
Parachuting near Valence sur Baise...Parachuting near Valence sur Baïse
Want to do something special? Like jumping out an airplane high above the sloping landscape of the Gers? Now you can! These jumps are organised from the small airfield 'Aerodrome du Herret' just north of Valence sur Baïse.
Check their website: www.parachutismeoccitan.fr. Tel:

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