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Chateau Lavardens - Gers
Castle lifted up in the sky

Chateau Lavardens is one of the most impressive castles in the Gers. This fortress dates back to the 12th century and is beautifully situated in the small village of Lavardens in the department Gers in South West France.

Lifted up in the sky

Up on a hilltop, lifted high up in the sky: that is Chateau Lavardens. Halfway between Castera-Verduzan and Auch the castle proudly overlooks the rolling hillside of the Gers. The chateau has a rich and stirring history, which is reflected in its massive and burly walls. The interior of the castle is however surprisingly light and airy. The castle features 19 magnificent stone mosaic floors, beautifully lit by soft sunlight coming in through the big windows. There is no other monument in France that has so many authentic mosaic floors.

Chateau Lavardens: lifted up in the sky...

Rebuild and renovated throughout the centuries

The Counts of Armagnac, mighty Lords in this part of Gascony, constructed this fortress in Lavardens in 1140. In the following centuries the castle was the scene of many a battle and was largely destroyed. Through Henry IV the castle came in possesion of Antoine de Roquelaure who started to rebuild the castle in honour of his beautiful young wife Suzanne de Bassabat. However Antoine died long before finishing the castle and thus large parts were never completed. The castle was again neglected in the following centuries until finally it was listed as an official historic monument. Today the renovation work is however still continuing.

Visit Château Lavardens

The bigger part of the castle is open to visitors. Besides many other rooms the castle features a whisper room (echo room) with special and sophisticated acoustics. The high arched ceiling allows the sound to travel along the ceiling from one corner of the room to the opposite corner. The room is also called Salle d'Echo. Furthermore, the castle hosts many exhibitions of well-known painters, sculptures and other artists.

The castle is located between Valence-sur-Baïse and Auch (close to the small village of Jegun) in the department Gers in the South-West of France. More information e.g. on opening hours and current exhibitions can be found on the official website of Chateau Lavardens: www.chateaulavardens.com.

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