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Eauze - Gers - Gascony
Capitol of the Armagnac

Centuries ago, Eauze was called 'Elusa' being the ancient capitol of the Elusates who were the last to surrender to the Roman army of Julius Caesar. Nowadays, Eauze is the capitol of the Armagnac region, situated in the Gers on the border of the Bas-Armagnac and the Ténarèze, home of the best Armagnacs.

Eauze is a small town with a friendly old historical heart and calm character. A daytrip to Eauze (e.g. by bicycle) means taking a nice walk through town, have a look at the ancient architecture and do some leisurely shopping. And don't forget to visit the Cathédrale Saint-Luperc right in the center of Eauze in search of the history of Jeanne d'Albret (the mother of Henri IV).

But Eauze is also a good destination for some fine wining and dining (e.g. in the well-known Cafe de France) and of course for the tasting of delicious regional specialties. Here is a list of restaurant suggestions in Eauze.

The best day to visit Eauze is on Thursday morning, since on that day the weekly town market is held.

Eauze: the capitol of the Armagnac region...

Elusa: Eauze during the Roman Empire

During the era of the Roman Empire Eauze was called ´Elusa´ and acted as the capitol of Novempopulania. Novempopulania is Latin for ´land of the 9 peoples´ where it was a Roman Province in today's ´Aquitaine´, formed after the successful conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar. Elusa became the capitol of Novempopulania by the end of the 3rd century and developed into an important administrative and religious center. But after the downfall of the Roman Empire also Elusa lost her important position and slided into decay.

Elusa: Eauze during the Roman Empire...

Museums in Eauze

A large number of historical treasures dating back to the Roman Empire have been discovered at different excavation sites in and around Eauze. Several museums now have these treasures on display painting a great image of the ancient Elusa.

  • Musée du Trésor - Archeological museum on Eauze
    Some 28000 coins and 50 magnificent pieces of jewelry from the 3rd century are on display here.
  • Domus de Cieutat - Archeological excavations in Eauze
    This used to be the residence of an aristocrate during the Roman Empire.
  • Villa de Séviac - Archeological excavations in Montréal-du-Gers
    At this site large parts of a gallo-roman villa with fantastic mosaic floors have been discovered. This villa is a fine example of a beautiful mansion for aristocrates from those times.

Galop-Romain - Gauls against the Romans

Every year the war between the Gauls and the Romans is celebrated in Eauze at the so-called 'Festival Galop-Romain'. There are shows with ancient crafts, re-enacted battles between the Gauls and the Romans, demonstrations of Roman Legions and much more.

Festival Galop-Romain: the Gauls against the Romans...

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