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Camping La Brouquere - Gondrin - Gers - France

Wining and dining - Gers
Campsite La Brouquere

Eating and drinking has very strong roots in the French culture, especially in the Gers (Gascony) in South-West France. The French always have time for quality eating and drinking. Here are some tips and suggestions for you to experience yourself this relaxing feeling and way of life. Click on the links below to learn more about this. Or browse through the list of restaurants in the area.

For those who don't know yet: the Gers or in wider geographical terms, 'Gascony' is the little know area which is the origin of excellent wines, beautiful Armagnacs, delicious Floc de Gascogne and special liquors. And what better than to criss-cross through the sloping Armagnac vineyards in search of these regional wines and other alcoholic beverages?

Alcoholic beverages from Gascony.....

Wining and Dining around Camping La Brouquere
Baquettes and croissants French baguettes, every day fresh.....The bakery in Gondrin is doing an excellent job of offering the best baquettes and most delicious croissants. During the camping season you can place your bread orders even at the campsite. Early next morning the fresh bread will be ready for you to be picked up.
Camping snacks The campsite offers of course a wide choice of hot and cold snacks. Icecream but also snacks like french fries, home made pizza and crepes are on the menu...
Table d'Hôte Regularly dinner parties called Table d'Hôte are organised on the campsite. Together with your host and hostess you can enjoy a 3-course meal in a friendly atmosphere.
Each time with a different menu though the Indonesian Buffet is always one of the highlights.
Fruit and vegetables Every day, camping guests can enjoy a choice of freshly picked fruit and vegetables, organically grown from our own vegetable garden. Different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, aubergines, melons, strawberries and much more. You can't get them fresher than this. Healthy and delicious.
Regional specialties foie gras, confit, cotes de gascogne, armagnac.....The Gers offers a wide selection of regional specialties of which probably 'foie gras' is the most famous. You can enjoy these regional dishes in Restaurant Le Pardaillan in Gondrin. Or look through the list of restaurants in the area.
Traditional regional Gersois luncheons and dinner French menus at Ferme de Cassou.....Regularly, Ferme de Cassou (just a few hundred meters from the campsite) serve lunch and dinner meals with traditional homemade products. Guests (mainly French tourists) can enjoy such extensive meals featuring probably all regional dishes as well as the local alcoholic beverages. If you speak just a little bit of French than this will be a very memorable occasion amidst the French in a very French environment.
Wine tasting Wine tasting at Domaine Guillaman...Wine tastings are regularly organised at Domaine Guillaman (www.domaine-guillaman.fr), a winery close to the campsite. Just a short walk through the vineyards will take us to the Domaine of Dominique and Stephanie Ferret who will show you around and tell you about wine making. Stephanie will let you taste their delicious white, rosé and red wines (Côtes de Gascogne). And of course, if you like, you can buy some bottles for friends and family back home. A great and interesting way to learn more about these regional wines.
Domaine Guillaman has received already many awards and medals from the CGA, the Concours Général Agricole in Paris, the most prestigious contest in France.
Wine and Armagnac tasting From your tent or caravan you can enjoy the great view over the Armagnac vineyards of the Gers (Gascony). Clearly, you don't have to go far to get a taste of the Armagnac, this golden liquid from the Gers. A visit to 'Ferme de Cassou', just a few hundred meters from the campsite, is highly recommended.
Many historic castles such as Chateau Busca-Maniban include wine and Armagnac tasting in their guided tours (without any obligations).

Camping La Brouquere
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