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Camping La Brouquere - Gondrin - Gers - France

F-32330 Gondrin, Gers (Gascony)
At the heart of the Armagnac

Sightseeing and Historical Heritage

Gondrin is situated just 2 miles northwest of Campsite La Brouquère. Among several shops there is a bakery and a small supermarket. In the village there are also a pharmacy, a general medical practice with two doctors (GPs) and a dentist. Each Sunday morning regional products are on sale at the local market in the village centre.

The summer months are packed with events such as a flower market, a car exhibition and market and of course a 'vide grenier' translated as 'empty attic' where old and sometimes antique items are traded.

Gondrin: at the heart of the Armagnac.....

Kinzout - Festival Week in Gondrin

Each year the so-called 'Kinzout' festival week is held in Gondrin during 4 days around August 15th. During this well-known festival each day you can participate in many festive activities and enjoy the popular fair, (live) music until early in the morning, culminating on August 15th at 23h into spectacular fireworks.

Swimming Pool and Water ParadiseVillage map of Gondrin...

Gondrin is especially known for the fantastic water paradise with a huge circular swimming pool with an 80m diameter!
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Sanctuaire de Notre Dame de Tonneteau

Just outside Gondrin lies the Sanctuaire de Notre Dame de Tonneteau. This is a small but beautiful chapel with stained-glass windows surrounded by majestic old trees in a shadow rich park. The park's tranquility is a convincing invitation to just sit there and do nothing but enjoy and relax... By the way, there is a marked walking route following the old railway tracks that passes by Tonneteau.

Domaine de Tonneteau is situated just next to the chapel. Besides red wines, the Tisser family specializes here in sparkling wines (so-called 'méthode traditionelle'). You are of course warmly welcome to taste these local specialties on the spot.


In Gondrin there are two restaurants each specializing in French cooking. Restaurant 'Auberge du Lac' is a small and cosy restaurant/bar right in the centre of Gondrin (open every day except mondag night and wednesday night). The other restaurant, also in the centre of the village, is 'Le Pardaillan' which is considerably bigger and also serves great regional dishes. Furthermore there is a wide choice of good restaurants in the vicinity of Gondrin.

A lavoir is an old communal wash house where the washwives gathered to do teir laundry but of course also to exchange the latest news and gossip.

In and around Gondrin five of these washing places have already been beatifully renovated. Some of these wash houses are situated close by the village center of Gondrin along a marked walking route. Here is a list of these pittoresque wash houses:

Lavoir Lasdoutz: beautiful lavoir in Gondrin...

Historical heritage of Gondrin

The historical heritage of Gondrin comprises much more than just these old washing places. For example, in the center of Gondrin you can still admire the remnants of the convent 'Couvent des Ursulines' built in 1629.

Camping La Brouquere
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