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Fortified Village of Larressingle
Gers, South-West France

Fortified Village from Medieval Times

Larressingle is a 13th century fortified village situated about 11km from Camping La Brouquere in the departement Gers (Gascony) in the South-West of France.

Sometimes, the fortified village of Larressingle is called the Carcassonne of the Gers. This is mildly exagerated, but still, Larressingle is a tiny walled village with a church, a small museum (La Halte du Pèlerin: 50 dolls in ancient clothing), several shops and restaurants. It is certainly worth a visit, especially because of the lack of mass tourism.

Back to the Middle Ages in Larressingle...

Medieval Battlefield

Just outside the walls of Larressingle, a small medieval battlefield has been reconstructed where ancient warfare equipment is demonstrated. Old canons, stone throwers or battle rams: it is all there. The use of these old fighting machines is demonstrated and explained. Children (as well as adults) are even invited to participate in launching the medieval stone thrower. A big thrill for the kids!

Entrance to the village is free but for the battlefield demonstrations an entrance fee applies. A little knowledge of the French language might come in handy since the demonstrations are in French. However, a flyer explaning about the warfare equipment is available in English.

For more information please surf to larressingle.free.fr

Camping La Brouquere
Small campsite in France
Gers / Gascony

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