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Airbus A380 - Toulouse
Visits, Tours and Transport

Please note that the information on this webpage is intended solely for the benefit of camping guests of Camping La Brouquere.

Transport of airplane parts from Bordeaux to Toulouse

The individual parts such as the fuselage of the Airbus A380 are manufactured in Germany and France. The gigantic wings are manufactured in England and other hydraulic systems such as rudders and flaps come from Spain. All these enormous individual parts are assembled into one huge airplane in the Airbus factory in Toulouse.

After the production of these individual parts, they are transported to Bordeaux by ship. From Bordeaux these units are transported to Toulouse at night by road on specially designed huge trucks. There is one stop in Eauze, just 15km from Camping La Brouquere where the photo below was taken. It is certainly worthwhile to go and have a look at this impressive transport.

On the event calendar you will find the dates on which these transports will take place. There is more information about these transports on the official website www.igg.fr (Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit).

Stop in Eauze of one of the impressive Airbus A380 transports.....


Visit and guided tour - Airbus A380

Toulouse, at about 1.5 hours driving from Camping La Brouquere, is the Airbus assembly centre where the A330/A340 airplanes are being assembled. The biggest Airbus airplane, the A380 is also assembled in this factory in Toulouse.

Throughout the year, Airbus organizes interesting visits and guided tours through the assembly lines of this factory at the airport in Toulouse. An excellent idea for a great daytrip!

Visits and guided tours at the Airbus factory Toulouse.....

For more information about this guided tour check the website www.manatour.fr.

Advance reservations are mandatory for this guided tour. Don't forget to bring your passport or identification card. Photo and video recordings are not allowed during these visits.

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