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Leisure Park Walibi Aquitaine
Agen/Roquefort, Gers, France


The leisure park Walibi Aquitaine is situated between the town Agen and the village Roquefort in the southwest of France. This leisure park offers more than 20 spectacular rides and attractions such as the Pirate Boat, the Fandango, the Boomerang and the Zig Zag.

The leisure park Walibi Aquitaine is a geat idea for a daytrip for young and old. This leisure park is easily accessable from Camping La Brouquere at about 50km north of the campsite. You will find more detailed information on the official website of Walibi Aquitaine:

Walibi Aquitaine: a leisure park with many spectacular rides and attractions for younf and old..........

There are many rides and attractions for everyone. Take a relaxed stroll through the park and admire the athentic 18th century castle. Or get wet in popular rides such as the Radja River, the Aquachutes or the so-called 'Drakkar' where you will dive into a 14 meter deep fall.

But also the youngest children will have a great time in the little train ride or in Walibiland with Baby Kangourou and the Coccinelles. So: a big treat for the whole family! And what is better than to return to the campsite, take a refreshing dip in the pool and exchange stories on the terrace while having a delicious snack and a cool drink?